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Do you guys agree???
Wait, other men exist?
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@Keldra im so real.. i want " fangirl" written on my tombstone :D
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@B1A4BTS5ever γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹ I also tell my parents that too, how yhey should be proud I'm not doing anything bad. Instead I'm chilling here with my boys.
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Total agreement!!! Even my family is in on it! They're like, you should study in Korea so you can find an Asian husband! Lolz!!
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dude yes..... my dad: all you listen to us bts you must be in love with them Me: i dont just listen to bts Dad: ether your always looking at you Koreans Me: you should be not out there doing bad things Dad: true *sits and watch bts bombs with me* that actually happen or when my mom told me not to have a party Mom: *jokingly* im go to the store so you and @StarBabes better not have a party.....No boys allowed Me: you dont have to worry all the boys your gonna see is our koreans on the (wall) tv Star: yeah so you dont have to worry thats all we do Mom: oh my god but okay im okay with that hahaha this actually happen as well it was so funny
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