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So I got a flat tire. Didn't know how to fix it, so the neighbor came over to help. Finally found what I ran over and told me it wasn't fixable and I'll have to get a new tire. Looked up how much new tires for my car are, $135 - $175. I want to cry.
@ltdavies I hope everything works out but if it does turn out expensive just think of it as an invest. After all, safety first! wish you the best!
@cindystran I'll look it up! Thank you~ I'm going to get it fixed tomorrow and hopefully it doesn't completely drain my wallet haha
Oh no!!! I know exactly how you feel. About two years ago I was driving on a highway to go to Costco and right after I came out my sister notice my flat tire. Thankfully I had a spare and Costco help me replaced it but I had to purchase a new tire to because they can't stitch it up. One suggestion, you might want to check out Discount Tire!