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Everyone loves getting paid. Come on, admit it.

The days leading up to your epic moment of non-broke- ness can sometimes be nerve wracking.

Because you like...always run out of money despite all your best efforts to save.

And as you crawl along with 20 dollars in your pocket, you realize it's coming...PAY DAY

Your mood instantly changes. It's a glorious thing. MONEY!

And you soon realize that you'll be able to go out, maybe to...HAPPY HOUR.

Or even the mall, to buy don't need! But have wanted for a while.

When you see something buy it. Because you just got paid, and feel like the richest person in the world.

For those fleeting moments after payday, you feel like a damn king!

Plus, when you're out, you're the one who buys the drinks, because it feels pretty powerful.

But when you wake up from the dream that was payday and realize you've got to make that money's a harrowing experience.

Damn it, I thought this'd last forever.

Every pay day is the same. You get money. You spend money. You get sad. it's all a part of life.

Sometimes you even want to protest! Krabs is in there! Krabs is unfair!

But you realize that another payday is just around the corner...if you can just survive until it comes!

Don't worry, we've got this. Money comes and money goes, just keep on holding out!
oh...rum and raisin chocolate and pepsi/cola
@danidee with funny pastries?
Mr Krabs was always my favorite character haha
Hahahahahah oh my god this is so funny. I had no idea @InPlainSight
They get their dong out to pay for anything
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