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Reasons Why BTS Members Would Quit
So peeps are saying that Jin is leaving, right?
(I HAVE NO PROOF TO BACK THIS UP but doesn't it seem much more likely that BTS is trying to build hype for their album not randomly lose a member that showed no signs of leaving ever??? this is a really silly internet rumor you guys)

Well it seems like the other members have some issues too...

1. Suga

They don't let me sleep they put me in stupid hats they make me drink garlic juice and dress up in dresses and dye my hair pink and now google image 'wealthy housewife' shows my face as an answer and hip hop is dead. Swag.

2. Jimin

They just clearly don't respect the booty. I am the heart, abs, and soul of this group and I deserve more solo stage time and less clothing. I am cutest member I still haven't met Taeyang.

3. Jin

These schedules seriously cut down on my snuggle-in-bed-with-my-Mario-plushies time and I haven't sat down to have a good solid meal in too damn long. I am a princess and should be treated as such and the lack of food in my mouth at the very second is a testament to the poor treatment I have received.

4. V

The ship is takin' me home bro. It's time to Space Jam.

5. Rap Mon

Bruh, our fans tried to kill me. Literally they tried to K I L L M E.

6. Jungkook

I am just way. too. good. for this circus.

7. J-Hope

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I hate rumors can people just not say stuff until it has been confirmed are they trying to kill me 馃槩
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omg ouch Rapmon I didn't expect that I expected to hear the struggles as the leader of these crazy boys and *THOSE WERE NOT FANS THEY WERE CRAZY ATTENTION SEEKING PEOPLE* but jhope #accurate 馃槀馃槀馃槀 he's afraid of everything
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I hope the rumor about Jin leaving is inaccurate. I can't deal with losing another member after Exo. I would figuratively drown in my own tears if he left馃槩. Who would take care of the rest of the members?
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This card made my day! Thanks for the laughs. They all seem so accurate.
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