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Ving-gamers! (Is this a good portmanteau? Probably not...)
Today's Quick Question Challenge is focused on where we prefer to play our games! Everyone has some allegiance to one platform or another, and we should bask in our personal favorites!

What is your favorite gaming platform?

This can be anything from arcade cabinets to the Nokia nGage, and all the stuff in between.
(This is not my own picture of my own desktop, but it looks the most similar from the ones I found on google)
I personally love PC gaming. For one thing, with the power of emulators, I can play all kinds of games across console generations on my desktop. More than that, games I play that are PC-specific are also really fun, and more accessible than games on consoles.
That being said, though, I will probably be picking up a PS4 around the holiday season because of the titles that will be coming out on it soon(ish).
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PS2 or PS3. I really enjoy both of them and can't decide on my favorite.
2 years ago·Reply
PC. No doubt about it. :D BUT, because of my kickass emulation, I love my original Xbox. ^.~
2 years ago·Reply
I gotta go with PlayStation. Its joysticks are perfect to play sports games...especially FIFA
2 years ago·Reply
my current pc is a similar water cooled build. Been a pc gamer since 2006. never owned a 360 or ps3. my wii u only gets attention for smash and zelda
2 years ago·Reply
I actually liked the Xbox 360 slim and PlayStation 2 I used to have but I don't like both now because of how the price of games really sky rocketed and then just became obsolete in less than 2 years so thx for making it hard for me to do anything on Xbox and PlayStation! thx you guys for working over time to make stuff obsolete pretty much in two years thx!
2 years ago·Reply