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Alright so obviously this was so easy for me bc there will never be a group that will hit me like bts did so bts ofc. I already went to TRB in NYC but I'm disappointed bc I couldn't go to the highlight tour :// but that's okay bc I'm still ssuuuuppperr lucky I got to go to TRB in the first place!! I'm hoping one day I can meet them face to face and have the privilege to touch them lol omg this is getting out of hand; I rant too much.
But besides bts I'd have to choose between seventeen, got7 and exo. With which I would have to go with.............
Seventeen! /ik they're still really new but omg like if you don't know them rn go search them up bc they're so funny and the more the merrier!!/ Mkay comment or tag me in your choices😊
Exo girl
@Michellelbarra ooh good luck gurl I'm jealous~
SHINee cause they were my first
I would choose Bts. I'm going to their highlight tour in a few days!