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The weights section -- where the world of glorious barbells, dumbbells, and the curves of iron lay so elegantly, sometimes bruised with rust and chalk. It's where you can hear the clang and knock of 45-pound plates. Muscles inflate, and sweat collect above scrunched eyebrows.
People from all backgrounds and strength levels congregate in this holy, strong place.

This place has many names, but one of them shouldn't be the "men's section."

The issue with identifying this section as the "men's section" is that it obviously excludes women. When I first started exploring dumbbells, I felt intimidated by the weight's section that was crawling with grunting men. It's easy to think that since the majority of those who occupy this space are men, this section must be the "men's section."
I too once called it the "men's section" -- until I realized how it may impact my way of thinking about the gym.
All genders should feel welcomed into any section of the gym -- whether it's the yoga classes, the weights section, of the space for cardio machines. These spaces are for EVERYONE.
The weight section can be very intimidating, especially for women who are just starting out, but I think it's worth mentioning that you'll find people at different levels in the weight section. You know what you'll need? Confidence. You're going to do shit wrong -- you've just need to get passed that thought and just keep learning.
It ain't the "men's section" -- it's the section for people who are trying to lift some heavy shit.

So go forth, and kick ass in the WEIGHT'S SECTION that's meant for EVERYONE.

Yes. Lifting is so good for you and girls need to realize it's actually gonna help them lose weight too! Lifting weights is not just for bulking up!
Agreed @DaniVO, same here :) i love my at-home free weights. They're the perfect addition to body weight routines, to make it just that much more challenging. And @mchlyang I feel you dude! Ladies need to stop worrying they're gonna bulk up if they lift. It's called getting toned, ladies! ;)
Even though I live in a small town without a gym, I still lift weights! I bought a set to add to my at-home workouts. Lifting makes me feel very strong and confident.
Yep! Weight lifting is awesome for so many things! ^_^ @mchlyang