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I'm so late posting this, sorry!! I had a really bad cold all weekend so I didn't do anything but sleep, but now I'm totally awake and feeling better sooooo time for some more VIXX goodness :)
I don't usually like to write about this (because I always feel like people will think I'm bragging....but I just want to share with those who are curious!!) but I have been lucky enough to see VIXX quite a few times, so I want to share my experiences with you guys!!! If you have any questions about it or wanna know more about seeing VIXX just message me or ask me, I don't mind answering!!
My first time seeing them, like I wrote about, was in their concert at Otakon back in 2012!! I then studied abroad in Korea for a few months, so I got to go to some other free concerts when they were still very small in terms of popularity.
During On and On and Hyde comebacks, I was still in Korea, so I got to go to some music shows, and even a couple fan signs!!
After that, I saw them when they came to Dallas! I got lucky again because it was my birthday weekend, and my dad lives in Dallas, so it was a perfect chance to visit him and see VIXX :) This is me with some of the friends I met there!!
Since then, I've got to see a few more VIXX concerts: Hex Sign in Korea, Utopia in Korea, and Utopia in Singapore!! I do a lot of traveling, and get really lucky with timing so I've been lucky enough to see all of these events.

So....:) That's some of the times I've been able to see VIXX!!!

I hope everyone gets to see them live someday. One of my favorite things to do is help friends see them live, so if you have any questions or are going to be in Korea and want to know what to do, let me know!!!
I really want every fan to have the opportunity to see them live!! If not, watch live fancams and the DVD that's coming out soon so that you can get a similar experience :)!!!!
This is so amazing! I'm so happy for you that you have gotten to see your bias group live so many times :)
@baileykayleen ahhhh thank you!!! I know I'm really really lucky for it to have worked out this way for me :) that's why i try to help everyone see groups when i can!!!