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Guys, have you ever wondered if your suit game is on point?

Check out Esquire's handy diagram below. It shows how to tell if the shoulder, jacket closure, and seat of your pants fit correctly. They also provide examples of what too big and too small look like, so take note!
This is perfect for guys looking to dress to impress their next date, or look good in the office!
Artist Jake Gilchrist also put together this awesome infographic on the perfect modern suit, chock-full of great tips! (Including, "Be a man: wear pink to the office," as well as my personal favorite, "Just dress like an Italian.")
It has more details than the diagram above, and includes a helpful Cheat Sheet along the righthand side :)
So, here are my takeaways:
+ Have a nice pair of shoes that you can pair with both classy and casual outfits. The ladies are gonna notice your feet!
+ Make sure your clothes fit you well – too tight makes it look like you're trying too hard, while too big looks sloppy.
+ Accessorize with an earthy bracelet or two, or a nice watch! A man who can accessorize with confidence is a man who can do anything with confidence. (Okay, I made that saying up, but still!)

Good luck being dapper, gents!

If you have any further questions about suit fit, outfit selection, or general men's style tips, be sure to reach out to me or Vingle style gurus @Gavriella and @jordanhamilton!! They are both so great with fashion (been loving your cards, ladies) and I'm sure would be happy to help.
@marshalledgar Do you use a guide like these when you're getting dressed up for weddings? @buddyesd @EddiePozo @paulisaverage @Arellano1052 @VinMcCarthy @mchlyang @rodiziketan @InPlainSight @RobertMarsh Any of mah boys, need some tips? Hope this is helpful :D (but for all I know, you're all style experts already... ;) )
hahahaha @buddyesd noooooo she might divorce you before you even get to the fancy restaurant... and YES @RobertMarsh that's what I'm saying ;)
go get her because every woman's crazy about a sharp dressed man..ㅋㅋㅋ @buddyesd
@allischaaff I hope so, I hate ties lol sigh the things I do fer luv :)
I don't own any :( always wanted one, maybe in April
Wow @InPlainSight that's an INCREDIBLE deal!! More dudes need to hear about this... then the world will look so snazzy! :D @Nicolejb it's not just you, it is a little difficult to tell... but I think in real life you can get the picture a little better. I mean, if you've got a wedgie, you know it's too small, and if you can fit both legs in one pant leg, then you know it's too big! :P hehehe :D
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