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Today's question is another toughie....."Which member would be your best friend?" I've thought long and hard about this one, but I think I finally know the answer.....

It's Ravi!!!!

I think @kpopandkimchi will be surprised to hear this because I've always told her that Ken would be my best friend, but recently, I've changed my mind. Maybe I've just been getting too much Ravi with all this LR going on in the past month :)

Why is Ravi my best friend?

I just think we share a lot of qualities that would make us good friends!

We both love music!

I know everyone in VIXX loves music, but the time and care Ravi puts into creating music and analyzing it is really interesting to me, so I think sitting and talking to him about music would be really fun for both of us. But more in a "him teaching me" kind of way

We both are sensitive!

I have a tendency to worry about my friends and family even when they don't want me to, and I think Ravi is similar, especially when it comes to his family. We've seen how much he loves his sister! I get along well with people who are very empathetic like I am, and I think this would be something we can share.

We both laugh at stupid jokes!

I laugh at everything, Ravi laughs at everything....we'd have a good time laughing at everything together! And we both have silly laughs when we laugh too hard (I might snort sometimes....very rarely....but it happens!!)

And probably a billion other reasons, but basically I just think we have the right kinds of similarities to get along as friends, and that out of all the members of VIXX, he's the one that's most likely to be my best friend!

welcome to ravi hell
@ravirie Thank you, thank you. But also GET me OUT of here