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VG Community Poll: Violence and Video Games
After reading @nicolejb's card about gun control and gun violence in the United States and the ensuing conversation that happened in the comments of it, I got started thinking about the age-old debate about whether violence in video games are making kids more violent, more prone to violence in general.
There have been numerous studies conducted on the potential effects of violent video games on aggression and violent behavior in players. Some studies indicate that violent video games and other media lead to an increase in aggression in children and young adults. Other studies have indicated that this is not necessarily true.
The debate generally goes between determining whether people who claim videogame violence cause aggressive behavior in youth is simply a moral panic, or something founded in empirical evidence. More than that, though, it is also hard to separate video games as a medium from other invasive medias. There is violence broadcasted on television, both fictional and real.
This all makes it hard to determine what side to rest on. So it appears to boil down to a personal decision. Having seen the gusto that people talked with on @nicolejb's card, I thought we could have a similar conversation about violent video games and the sensationalism around it, on both sides.
To that end, I want to tage those who voiced their opinions over there, as well as video game community folks!
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@shannonl5 @robertmarsh I think education is important, and that needs to come from informed sources. I just wonder, what effect do games, specifically shooting games, have on the opinion of guns to impressionable youth? there is such a focus on guns in games (generally being the more of them and the more detailed the better) @nicolejb exactly! we need to consider the way that the youth consume this kind of content. that means better regulations and informed parents. but we have to be careful to come from a place that isn't a moral high ground or panic. it could be as simple as encouraging learning games or quiet exploration games. there are plenty of games with minor or no violence, that is just an immersive, interactive experience.
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@VinMcCarthy, I think it should also be from well trained sources, seeing as half of my regular group are also combat veterans like me, we have that covered... lol as for video game effect on gun handling, I am actually extremely entertained when we get a "video game gun expert". They can rarely load it or figure out how to chamber the first round. When we get them past that, they can't figure out safety, then they refuse to use ear protection and almost always come close to peeing themselves after the first shot because it was nothing like the game
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@RobertMarsh I can imagine that must be very entertaining. I've personally never fired a gun before, so I would certainly be a bumbling idiot if I tried. That being said, though, I am man enough to admit my ineptitude, so I'd be more than willing to take instruction from someone who actually knows what they're doing.
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I love to teach people who know nothing or very little and will admit it...they will always be the best students... the gamers usually come back to me another day when nobody else is here and admit they have a lot to learn and then I'll help them as long as they are willing to do what I say ... I can teach anyone who wants to learn
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