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Robot Concept Battle: BAP vs VIXX
I LOOOOOOOVE when Kpop goes Sci-Fi and the cyborg concepts have been fantastic.
These are my two favorites, and now I want to see who comes out on top!!

Power or Error?!

BAP - Alien Robots

They're angry, they're on a dusty planet, and they got the powuuuuuuuuhhhhhh.
Some key lyrics:
We got the power, I got the power, Don’t submit to them, Don’t be like that and lift your head up!
The music video is intense like all of BAP's work and I will never be able to understand how Zelo is about to rap so fast. Also, what is it with BAP's choreographer and making the boys crawl all over the place?!

VIXX - Cyborgs in Love

Girl dies? BF wants to bring her back to life so makes her a cyborg? but then makes himself and cyborg? but everything is still wrong?
Some key lyrics:
I couldn’t help it so I threw it all out, I erased all of my emotions, But I couldn’t erase you (let me free)
This is one of my favorite dances from VIXX, though not one of my favorite songs. The story is a little hard to follow but Hongbin acted well!

Which Robot concept was your favorite!?

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I gotta go for VIXX, for the trance robot stuff. B.A.P is much better at their fighting, cool, sexy, bad boy rap look.
2 years ago·Reply
Vixx's concept was much cooler I thought. Honestly it's always hard to choose xD
2 years ago·Reply
I almost cry watching the video so my favorite one is VIXX - cyborgs in love..
2 years ago·Reply
Vixx because the whole concept was amazing and plus the dance too is very creative
2 years ago·Reply
VIXX for the storyline because it was really touching but definitely B.A.P. for the choreography. Error's choreography wasn't as strong as it could have been, but Power is self-explanatory for its choreo
2 years ago·Reply
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