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okay i dont know who started this rumor but its getting on my last nerve........its freaking annoying.....everyone is panicing and getting sad because of this
okay so idk if its true or not about the ending being removed........im guessing its true because its all over the place.......but if its true think about it its big hit......they might have a good reason plus jin is still in the video....if jin was gone they would take everything down.........some poop is about about to happen and by that i mean.....they are planing to kill us hahahah
do you really think they are breaking up im mean honselty they are all brothers and they are all cool with each other even big hit treats them like family.......everyones a family in bts
And jin cant be alone......hes is the eomma...the boys can live without jin.........awwahhh jin
Jin is the second best dancer in bts with his traffic dance and the video game (mainly mario) freak in the group and dont forget the main diva hahah
so stop with all this jin is leaving nonsense i honelty dont think he is leaving but who ever started this rumor.........really really you happy for all the mess you caused jerk.......ala this took a turn quick hahahah but Jin is not leaving
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^-^ where can I follow there updates though I really want to.
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I dont know why people have to spread these stupid rumors. Don't they have better things to do with themselves? And to all the people who left the fandom i hope they feel pretty dumb once they realize jin leaving was just a rumor. I'm tired of all these fake fans out here acting like they love the boys and promise to be there for them but once something happens they leave without hesitating.
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Thank u, I feel better now but how did u find this information about Jin is not leaving??
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I just love all the gifs you managed to sneak in here as well hahahahaha <3
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everyone is saying that they took away the ending because they are changing the date of their comeback and at the end it said October now we are looking at late November so all is well as far as we know if Jin was leaving their would have been an official statement by now I think we can rest easy knowing bts is still together
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