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Even though Ravi is known for being an awesome composer and rapper for VIXX, he can totally sing!!!! While putting together this card about my VIXX Best Friend, I found this video that compiles some of Ravi's best singing moments!!!

AND AHHH! He's great!

While Ravi doesn't get many singing parts in songs, I think he totally should!! He did a great job with his one line in Thank You for Being Born....
And I really love the singing he does in Beautiful Liar! I hope that they utilize his singing more in future VIXX songs, too, now that he's really finding where he's comfortable when it comes to singing, and not just rapping!

Anybody else SWOONING over Ravi's singing?!?!

The compilation are fun to watch especially his attempt at singing Beautiful Liar.
i'm not crying you're crying
@cindystran yes!!! he really gives it a solid effort. better than Leos attempt at ravi's rap was in some other videos hahah :)
@ravirie Uhhuh sure don't pretend Thank You For Being Born doesn't RUIN you!
@ravirie Come die with me