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This was the very first drama I ever watched :)
I liked Ryu Tae-Oh (Lee Joon) even if he was the bad guy. I even made some fanart as my school art project.
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It gets really interesting in the last few episodes. Lee Joon is a really good actor. I'm sad that he left MBLAQ but glad he is focusing on his acting career.
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I'm thinking that it will pick up again I'm on ep 12 now ... I know he is good at both and I've been a huge MBLAQ fan ever since I watched Hello Baby (even though Mir is my bias in the group) Lee Joon is second and it sucks that they broke up 😢
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is it horror? is it horror? 😍
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@Priscilla it's a crime drama some parts can be a a bit creepy but not really scary
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@destiny1419 say no more... I'm watching it.
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