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Have you ever been enjoying yourself, watching your favorite kdrama and then all of a sudden the characters start speaking English? its like, oppa what the hell are you doing? I dont understand what you are trying to say stuff like that literally just punches me right in the feels, its to much to handle especially when its your bias actor I know you guys can relate
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I'm in the middle of watching Angel Eyes and freaking Seungri's English kills me XD
@CarlyHankins im very loser
@Emealia Right?!? xD I feel like he still has an accent. Otherwise, he speaks pretty good English. The whole back story of Teddy being from Texas gets me. X)
i'm that face! with hands full of happiness that I understood something.
i get excited but then im like, "youreally dont have to do that" but then i remember that in Korea if you can speak english well it is something to be very proud of.