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i'm so late but hold on

Q: How did you find VIXX?

It's really not that interesting of a story but! Back in 2012 I was heavily multi-fandom and I saw VIXX's debut but I was too into Infinite at the time that I actually remember saying "who are these losers" when I saw their stage while I was waiting for Infinite.
A few months later, around KCON 2012, a friend of mine on twitter was talking about VIXX and I thought I'd check them out.
Next thing I knew I'd watched their music videos and I'd used all of my university data (and skipping class) watching mydol, vixx tv and mtv diary. Then I was buying their albums, joining their fancafe (I'd never joined a group's fancafe before), making data blogs and getting involved in the fandom.
It's been nearly 3 years since then and I've loved every minute of it; watching these kids grow, meeting so many great people and making amazing friends ♡
HIIIIIIIIIII yay you're here!!!!! I'm glad you fell in love with our losers ♡♡♡♡
@byeolbit i wouldn't have it any other way tbh