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Kpop dance this week is a powerful one! I saw this live at KCON2015 and I was pretty impressed!! This dance is really cool and the members put some power behind their dance skills! Some of the choreography is just peeerfect for this awesome song!
And with every kpop dance, cover videos soon follow! This group did an awesome job with choreography! The camera work is pretty good too! They follow through with power behind their dancing as well! Love it!
I am all about this song right now. Love it!
Love the Kpop Dance of the week!! Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to LA Kcon this year :( but I've been their fan since No Mercy so I was watching the fan made live videos and saw they left a great performance!
@AnnahiZaragoza thank you! ^^ Really love this performance! They're pretty good! I'm sorry you couldn't go and see them! I'm sure they will be in the USA again though!