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Uh oh.

On Sept. 20, at the 2015 Emmy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel and Matt LeBlanc had a hilarious exchange that went viral. Jimmy Kimmel was in charge of presenting the award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Kimmel joked that he needed to check the name of the winner before announcing it to make sure he approved. The audience then burst into laughter when Kimmel pulled out a pair of scissors and cut the name out of the envelope and then ate the name!
The hilarious line won over the audience, "I don't know, who should I give it to? This is the worst part."
The Emmy was awarded to Jeffry Tambor for his role as Maura Pfefferman in Amazon's "Transparent". LeBlanc was also nominated for the Emmy because of his role playing himself in the tv show, "Episodes". Kimmel made fun of LeBlanc for his high probability of not winning the award which ended up to be correct.
When Kimmel returned to his seat, he went to apologize to LeBlanc however it's not quite certain if it was sincerely accepted. Kimmel posted a tweet that read, "I'm sorry Matt LeBlanc #emmys" with a picture of LeBlanc putting his middle finger up to Kimmel through the Emmy envelope. Though I believe it was all in good fun, it's obvious the tabloids will blow this story up turning it into a non-existent feud.
The tweet has been retweeted approx. 2,500 times, and has garnered over 4,800 favorites!

All in good fun or genuinely feuding?

I think it’s all good fun. the too funny guys are just being funny
Am I the only one who hasn't seen any of these TV shows?