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HELLO MY FELLOW KPOP VINGLERS!!! How has your day been?? So we've all seen that amazing kpop celeb fashion and thought "Wow, I really like that style, but I have no idea wear to get that or what would even be similar!! *gasp*" (OK so maybe you haven't. Humor me. -.-) I've always loved doing this sort of thing and have always been considered that friend that people tend to ask for help when it comes to clothes. I have here an example of my boredom and slight passion. FEAST YOUR EYES UPON THE AMAZING (or not so amazing) SISTAR'S BORA FASHION INSPO!!! Please feel free to request a specific Idol or MV or picture outfit that you would like me to try and recreate. (If you think I am worthy.)
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You should do the girls from AOA in Heart Attack! Any of their outfits are so cute!