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Hey Marvel community!

We've been having some great conversations tonight about representation in comics, and I thought it might be fun to ask a light-hearted question before we all go to bed (unless we're all insomniacs... and I might be on my way there!). Here it is: is there a side character you love that you want to see as the main character in their own spinoff? I know there's a lot to choose from, so you can leave a whole list in the comments if you want!
Personally, I'd love to see Jane Foster pick up the hammer.
She's smart, and brave, and I think she'd do a great job saving the world.
Who's your favorite side character? Movies and comics are both fair game!
I know she is DC COMICS but I've always loved Harley Quinn
The Speen. I know that's not Marvel. But The Flaming Carrot aside, The Mystery Men were simply brilliant.
@RobertMarsh DC comics is totally fair game! I adore Harley, she's such a complex character. I'm hoping that Suicide Squad does her justice when it's released! @VinMcCarthy I'm totally with you there! She's so interesting, I think she could definitely carry an interesting story of her own!
I want more Talia al'Ghul. More than just her as a villain/lover to Bruce Wayne, I want her own story.
@SerenaMcG omg what if Agent May had her own spinoff show? It sounds like they're thinking of doing one for Bobbi... but can't you just imagine how GOOD an Agent May show would be?!
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