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This song really got me thinking so much. I don't want to be in the engineering field where everyone is just so happy for me.. I'm realizing I chose that field for everyone else's happiness but my own. I want to change my major to what I really want. but truth is I don't know what I want since I've been raised to live up to my moms expectations. it's even harder being the oldest since I have to set an example for my siblings. where is my happiness? what do I want to do? I'm tired of being trapped in someone else's dream!
I just gotta figure out what makes me happy and go with it.. sorry had to rant where I won't get the thousands of questions from my family..
omgosh I absolutely know EXACTLY how you feel
I know how you feel actually but the thing is my family never expected anything from me other than to take care of my nieces my sister always came first I have no dreams I have no idea what I would even do with my life... 馃槩 you find what you want to do and do it even if your family disagrees its your life right live it the way you want to. someday I will too I don't have an opportunity right now but I will. and yours is now or never. jump
Yes believe me @JessAS once you change your major into something you enjoy, the classes will seem like a hobby instead of work. I am so glad you made your first step, that is what it takes to start your dream. ^~^ That is awesome!!
@AimeeH I thought engineering was something I would eventually enjoy but I'm into my third class and I really don't like it and I've been struggling so much. I really do believe now I need to change and find out what I really want. But! I've taken the first step ^_^ I've talked to someone about it and she is going to set me up with another lady who can help me.
Dear I was like this my first year of college. I was going into pre-med, everyone wanted me to be a Dr or anything medical related. I hated the classes and I was barely passing. I was miserable the whole year, but because I made my family happy, I stayed. Finally I talked to one of my professors and he sat down with me to figure out what I wanted out in life. After our 3 hour discussion of what I looked for in life, I finally made a decision. The best advice he gave me that day was, "You have to choose the life you want. You will be the one retiring from that field. If you choose something that you enjoy, then you will never work a day in your life. You can't expect to make everyone happy with the choices you make, but it's okay because this is your life. Live your dreams and the way you want. Your family may be mad, but once they see that you're your own person, they will support and love you." I'm the same way, I put everyone's happiness before myself. I switched majors and have never been happier in my life. Make the decision around what you want to do. Afterall, you will be the one receiving the Degree. College is too expensive to get a degree that you will be miserable in. So chin up!
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