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Got a first date coming up?

That's awesome! It's exciting to know you'll soon be grabbing drinks or dinner with an attractive person who just might become someone special in your life. But here's the question: what to wear?
Little known fact, sometimes guys care about their clothing choices as much as or even more than women do. And if you don't, you should! What you wear can have a big impact on:
+ First impressions - vital for scoring a second date!
+ Perceived attractiveness - does your date think you're a hottie or a nottie?
+ How respectful your date thinks you are - dressing up a little is only polite! put together the diagram above, which gives some good ideas for standard outfits and accessories. Let's see some outfit inspiration below!

Sports Coat and Button Down

Scroll through the images above for some inspiration. This is a classic look, and even though the jacket makes it a bit dressier, don't worry that you're going overboard. Paired with dark jeans or khakis, this look will definitely charm your date! Knowing how to wear a blazer is a super attractive quality in a man. It just makes him seem that much more mature and masculine! ;)

Button Down with Rolled Sleeves

There's nothing sexier than rolled sleeves. If you want to go a bit more on the casual side – say, your date is a walk in the park, a picnic, or a street fair – then this is the perfect look to go with! Pair a blue button down with dark jeans, a brown belt, and matching brown shoes – ugh. Perfection. You can also go with khakis, or if it's summer, a pair of khaki shorts. Scroll through the outfit inspiration above!

Cozy Sweater and Dark Jeans or Khakis

A cozy sweater can actually be a total turn on – your date will want to bury their face in your chest! If you want to polish up the look a little more, throw the sweater over a button down. Leave the points of your collar tucked inside so you don't look like you're headed to the office. It's key to pair this look with a nice pair of shoes – see what kind below!


You can't go wrong with a nice pair of Clark's Desert Boots (photos 1 and 2). Or some simple yet stylish brown lace-up oxfords (photos 3 and 4). Then you've got your classic Sperry Topsiders, always a favorite with the preppier crowd – this is great if you'll be outdoors, or you know, casually on a boat (photos 5 and 6). Then finally, there's the classic black lace up dress shoe (photo 7). Make sure that if you're wearing a belt, it matches your shoes!


Take your outfit to the next level with a nice watch or, if you're feeling daring, a pocket square. Ties are nice too, but only if you're going out somewhere fancy!
P.S. Be sure to check out the third image above, a handy guide for how to fold all sorts of pocket square designs!

General Tips

+ Choose your outfit ahead of time, so you don't have to worry the day of!
+ Use only a hint of cologne, if any – you don't want your date leaning away from you for some fresh air!
+ The most important accessory of all is confidence. ;)
Now that you've spent all this time on your clothes, it's time to forget them entirely and go have fun on your date! You're sure to impress. Good luck!! :)
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Hahaha @marshalledgar I'm sure your hair is lovely :P @nicolejb so agreed though!! I think grooming is pretty much the most important factor in whether I'm attracted to a guy, honestly. Gotta get regular haricuts, have clean nails, smell nice, be clean, brush your teeth, etc.
And ugh I know @mchlyang JGL is pretty much perfect in every way <3 He's probably my number one celebrity crush. Well, after a young Rob Lowe ;) Oh, and Ryan Gosling. Hmmmm... I never realized until now how many celebrity crushes i had... XD
Amen to higiene. wish guys would bathe BEFORE going to the gym.
That's actually quite the bold first date outfit @marshalledgar haha but I like it!! Showcases your personal style ;) And yes amen to that hahaha
I am not out to make a statement, but I'm also not going to be bashful. if you're with me, you're with me. and if I'm with you, I'm with you. so let's just be us. gold and leather and all. hahaa @allischaaff