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Well it's Sunday again, children so time to get our slow jam on. Break ups blow.....but ice cream and a good cry can save you the therapy later on. So I've compiled a playlist of break up songs that will hopefully help you deal and if not, at least you'll have great music in the background while you're curled up in a ball on the floor dying of heartbreak.
BEENZINO FT MASON THE SOUL__UP ALL NIGHT Its okay to be in denial.....go out, get f*cked up to take the edge off.
IRON FT BABYLON__BLU Be angry. Blame yourself. Be the bad guy.
TABLO FT TAEYANG__EYES, NOSE, LIPS COVER In fact, sling sh*t like a monkey if you feel the need.
JAY PARK FT SIMON D & GRAY__METRONOME Realize the relationship was lacking.
iamnot__CUT Its okay to turn a lil psychorella....you're just hurt. Not knowing how to deal with pain can make a person a lil crazy.
GARY FT MIWOO__GET SOME AIR Regret is natural. Side note.....Gary's comeback tho └(^o^)┘ SO FLIPPIN GOOD
WINNER__COLOR RING Let the loneliness begin.....
CRUSH__SOFA And continue.....
BTS__OUTRO: LOVE IS NOT OVER Nope not over it yet.....
BIG BANG__IF YOU Over it?? Not on your life....
SUJU__EVANESCE Whyyyy??? (ノД`)
DOUBLE K FT GRAY__WISH YOU WELL Okay.... I think I'll move on now. On a side note....GRAY THE BAE'S VOCALS _(_^_)_>
GEEKS FT AILEE__WASH AWAY Definitely moving on. @FrankilliMambo.... Lil Boi♡ REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO GOOD ♪
You'll get thru a break up.... even a horrible messy one.
And there are plenty of people who are gonna want that. Trust.
Plenty of fish in the sea.....
Sippy sippy.... Until next Sunday, stay hydrated, kids.
The Tablo version of Eyes Nose Lips will ALWAYS be my favorite.
...I meant the group... :3
GEEKS! Ugh why do I have to love them so much o.o <3 <3 <3
I felt the feels, I felt them all... Great list @PassTheSuga :)