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"I really love it."

Of course Amy Schumer would naturally thank her makeup artist in her Emmy acceptance speech. On Sept. 20, Schumer attended the 2015 Emmys which were undoubtedly a big night for the comedian who has seemed to become famous overnight. After her wildly successful comedy, "Trainwreck", she's become one of the biggest names in Hollywood even attaining Jennifer Lawrence as her BFF.
Schumer took home her first Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for her hit show, "Inside Amy Schumer". Not only did Schumer thank her sister, she also thanked her makeup artist, Andrea Tiller, whom has gone viral on the internet. It's actually kind of nice to see a celebrity talk about the people who made them look so gorgeous for their big night.
Schumer said, "I know i should’ve written something down. Thanks everyone who helped me, the girl who gave me a sorta smoky eye, I really love it." Tiller has been along for the ride with Schumer at every big event which includes : Tranwreck, Vanity Fair, GQ, New York Fashion Week, Stylist Magazine, Empire Magazine, Bravo Tv, etc. Schumer makes sure that the people she's surrounded by are very close to her which means she loves Tiller.
Schumer wore a strapless deep green gown designed by Zac Posen. She's apparently very good friends with Posen after sitting in the front row at his runway show this past week at New York Fashion Week. And obviously, Schumer's favorite part about the look was her awesome smokey eye.

Currently Tiller is freaking out about how exciting it is that her own client gave her a shout out in her acceptance speech!!!

Should it be necessary to give your makeup artist a shoutout in an acceptance speech?

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Haha I think Amy had a moment where she was really nervous and didn’t know what to that came out. It was funny though!