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My dream date with TOP would be at his favorite coffee shop during the evening. After that we would talk a long walk around Seoul and eat some street food. We would go shopping and at the end of the day end up at a hotel! 馃槏馃挊
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my dream date would be with jun k and we would chill at his place! i would make dinner while he plays on his keyboard! finish with some wine under the stars!
@RobertMarsh so better than being caught going to the Mo Mo haha
Motels (most of them) can be rent by the night or for a "3hour nap" over there @PrettieeEmm
Mine started in bed and end with a long walk through a small village. Maybe tmi sorry but it actually was a dream I had.
GD and I would go my favourite outdoor mall during winter. There would be Christmas lights and music everywhere like there is every year. We would be wearing warm coats and drinking starbucks hot chocolate in one hand and with our other hand we would be holding in hands as we walk while window shopping and if my hand got a little cold he'd put our hands in his coat pocket. (Yes, I've thought about this too much lol ^^)