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I love this band. Really. I don't even usually bother to memorize bands with more than 5 members and be able to match faces to names, but I bothered this time. Took me a while, but I got it.
I usually try not to keep up with K-pop too much because it's really time consuming, but I stumbled upon them while I was procrastinating on some work and decided to watch a live interview JunCurryAhn did on Facebook. He mentioned them, I searched them up on Youtube, and boy, do I regret it.
Their music is great, they're an actual band, and did I mention, their music is great? I fell in love with their Congratulations MV, and while I have not memorized any K-pop songs even though I am an avid lover of several K-pop groups, I am halfway done memorizing the lyrics to Congratulations.
The music video was art, the self-deprecating smile of the actor as his flashbacks continued and watched the loving couple in front of him that is his ex-girlfriend gave me the chills. I was shaking with excitement as I watched the video, and there is no satisfactory level of gratitude I can give to JYP for producing this band.
I don't know how to describe this, but this song just hits all the feels and the music video just adds to it. They were completely, absolutely, correct in choosing this song to release as a single. And, they're one of the rare actual bands in K-pop (... I think they're actually more rock-oriented?), and not a group (with actual instruments, gasp!).
Anyway. I just really love their sound, and the members seem really cool! Hope you give them a chance, if you haven't already, and tell me what you think!
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im all about my chicken little.. I love how he speaks english for their international so we can feel welcome to their V spots
brain/young k......that's all I gotta say......