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(Bleacher Report) Houston, we have a problem. The Houston Rockets put on a show Tuesday night, tying an NBA and crushing a franchise record with 23 three-pointers in their 140-109 win over the Golden State Warriors. In the process of shattering the franchise mark, the Rockets also tied the NBA single-game record for most triples. Houston reached that mark with 3:41 left to play in regulation when Donatas Motiejunas nailed their 23rd of the game. The Orlando Magic held the previous record when they hit 23 threes in 2009 during a 139-107 trouncing of the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento. In this one, the home team broke its previous franchise record of 17 single-game three-pointers made, which it hit twice before (1999 and 2001). Houston tied that mark with its 18th three-pointer in the third quarter, giving it a legitimate shot at shattering the NBA record.
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