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30 Day Vixx Challenge: Day 7-9: 10 Pics Of N, Leo, and Ken. πŸ’–

So I'm incorporating 3 cards into 1, since I'm way behind!!! I have a lot of work to do!! So this card will be full of gifs that I love of N, Leo, and Ken!!!

Day 7: 10 Gifs of N

I found different gifs of N, my most favorites.

Day 8: 10 Gifs of Leo.

Love it when Leo Smiles!! I love him in long hair! β™‘.β™‘

Day 9: 10 Gifs of Ken.

He's so perfect.... Gosh... Like he needs to be petted... *STARBUCKS COFFEE AND UGGS STAT* *GOING GHOST*
As extra because I do what I want. Disclaimer* I do not own the materials used in the card. @byeolbit here's 7-9
@byeolbit my pleasure dear!! ^●^
YESSSSSSSSSDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I love every single thing you included omg hahahahahaha I love these!!! I needed a nice dose of these guys before I sleep....so thanks :)
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