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This gorgeous yet simple coconut prawn curry is nothing short of finger licking good..
For the full recipe, click on the link
Thanks guys! Do try it whenever you get a chance.
Kokum is a souring agent. You can substitute it with more tamarind paste, or a green mango cut in pieces and thrown into the curry. Kashmiri chillies are dried red chillies, known more for their vibrant red colour and not for their heat. You could substitute with any dried red chillies, (just becareful of the spice though) and if no dried chillies are available, then bump up the tomato paste for a better colour of the curry and throw in some fresh chillies.
looking forward to trying this but I'm the only seafood person in my house so it may take a while before I can
Awesome, thank you so much! :) @ericasyummyfood I gotta try this one!! I'm just realizing this is the recipe you mentioned in your comment on my food poll card. Definitely bookmarking the recipe :)
Fyi both should be available in an indian grocery store..
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