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Remember that time when a Hungarian journalist intentionally tripped a Syrian refugee carrying his son?

Well, the story of Osama Alabed Almohse (the father in the picture) and his youngest son, Ziad, immediately became international news and word spread that Almohse was a soccer coach in Syria. He was then offered a teaching job at CENAFE which is a Spanish school that trains coaches. And it didn't stop there.

Last Thursday, Real Madrid president, Florentine Perez, invited Almohse, and his two sons, Mohammad and Ziad, to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, the home and heart of Real Madrid.

But something even greater happened over the weekend during a match between Real Madrid and Granada.

Ziad got to walk onto the field of Santiago Bernabeu with his hero and the sport's most recognizable star, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Also, Ronaldo and his teammates wore T-shirts that showed their support for all the refugees that have fled Syria.

And Real Madrid said the club plans on donating 1 million euros toward the humanitarian cause and help out the Syrian refugees.

The club plans on helping Almohse attain refugee status in Spain, but he'll have to first learn how to speak Spanish.

Hopefully they can start a new life in Spain and never have to go through the terrible experience they had a few weeks ago.

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This is the greatest outcome to one of the worst stories I ever heard. When I found out a reported tripped a father and son I legit wanted to cry!!! But now Spain is seriously stepping up !! @VinMcCarthy I get what you're saying, sometimes the amazing stories of the few totally overshadow the big picture BUT the club also plans on donating 1 million euros!! It won't fix the problem but it was certainly help!!
this is amazing!! I'm so happy that this situation turned around for that family. just a small part of it bothers me.because with the attention they will all get might overshadow the depth of the problems the rest of the refugees are facing. It's amazing that this family has seen so great a windfall, but other families, so many of them, are in distinctly different positions.
@mchlyang Yeah, I'm glad it all ended well. I just dislike unkind people and I simply can NOT come up with a reason why she did that. Not cool. :( I wonder... did she ever answer for that? At least we know who got the last laugh!
@nicolejb Yes, I really do hope he can overcome the horrible experience he went through and become a famous football player like his hero, Ronaldo! Ronaldo is the man!
AMAZING! what a sad story, with a happy and hopeful ending. that kid looks so cool. haha
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