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Today's mission is just to write a short message to each member. I'm trying to keep mine really, really short, so it won't take long to read. Just say something short and sweet to each member in yours :)

Dear Hakyeon,

In my eyes, you're the greatest leader there has ever been (or ever will be!!) in k-pop, and I mean it! I like that you think you're great, because I think you're great too, and it's good to be confident. Keep dancing, keep making us collapse in feels, and keep being you :)

Dear Taekwoon,

You're not so mysterious as everybody wants you to be, and that's totally okay with me. Thank you for always taking the time to care about each fan, even if you don't always express it in words. The times when you take an extra minute to try to memorize the faces of those in the audience mean the most to many fans. Keep singing at Starlights' sides!!

Dear Jaehwan,

Never stop laughing. Never stop being the bright, goofy Jaehwan that we love so much!! Seeing you hurt would be one of the most painful things of all; even seeing your happy tears at the Utopia concert was hard to look at. Thank you for always being there to make us laugh and smile, and for helping the members laugh and smile, too!!

Dear Ravi,

I'm sorry it took me literally three years to come to terms with how amazing you are, but it has nothing to do with you. You've always been confident in my eyes, and I look up to you. I hope to go forward doing something I love as confidently as you someday. Keep being Ravi. That's all we want from you.

Dear Hongbin,

I didn't mean to leave you on your birthday!!!! But if you think about it, I never really left you at all. All this time, I've been cheering for you because I think you have so much talent. Even if you worry that you're just the pretty face sometimes, that's not why Starlights love you. We love you because you're sweet, dorky, awkward, talented Hongbin!!! Don't forget it.

Dear Hyukkie,

I promise that someday I will stop calling you a child, but for now I want you to stay our baby. Even though you're the member I think slips by without showing his real personality the most, I think you're also one of the most secure! I'm so proud of you for being cast in a movie, and I can't wait to go see it when it releases. Thank you for being Hyuk!!!!

/cries forever/

@StephanieDuong sweeeet!! I'll message you my ideas later lol we can talk it out XD
@byeolbit OMG! I'm totally onboard for that idea! ;D
@StephanieDuong ok!!! let's try something in october. maybe something creeeeepppyy for Halloween since vixx is good at the dark stuff XD
@byeolbit That would work out So much better for me..... haha. I wanted to keep up with this challenge so bad, but school and stuff gets in the way too easily.. xD
@StephanieDuong hahahahha it's ok daily is soooo hard, I feel like we should start a weekly one or something xD
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