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There was a buzz at the gate and she quickly ran to check who it was. Nabi buzzed him in skidding around in her socks to meet him at the front door. She had already taken a shower and got into her pajamas. Quickly she opened the door and she could see he was on the phone and could hear everything he was saying. “I know baby I’m not going to be that long. Yes I know you want to eat before the movie but this is an emergency so just eat without me. I am well aware that I’m ‘ditching' you for another woman. She’s my best friend! If I was cheating on you with her why would I tell you I’m going to her house. I love you~~~~” He made a face as the other end suddenly hung up. Jimin's girlfriend had some serious issues. The moment he looked at her she spoke. “I completely fucked it up.” She motioned for him to come inside and he hurried in taking off his jacket and shoes. “It couldn’t have been that bad.” “I told him I would see him tomorrow.” “Oh yea that was pretty lame. Wait aren’t you going with Jungkook to the arcade?” “Exactly…..I couldn’t even get him with me by myself I had to go and invite him to something someone else will already be at.” “You know Kookie is going to want all the attention.” All she could do was groan. Jungkook deserved all the attention he could though. His family didn’t give him much thought because he is the youngest. Nabi went over to the couch and just flipped down onto it with a big sigh. She heard Jimin set something down on the table followed by a light clang of metal. Looking over she gazed upon her one true love, a pint of strawberry ice cream. She sat up making room for Jimin to sit down as she reached over picking up the spoon and looking longingly at the container. “Go ahead goofy pig out. I’ll leave once you finish eating.” She happily leaned over picking up the ice cream and opening the lid. She slowly peeled back the plastic cover, the most satisfying feeling in the world, and put it on the side table. She looked at Jimin once more before digging her spoon into it. All she could do was make happy humming noises as she ate. “Here” She held out the spoon to feed a bite to Jimin. It was the least she could do since he bought it for her. He complied eating the spoonful in one smooth motion. If she didn’t like Yoongi as much as she does she thought Jimin would be a perfect fit. He was so sexy even how he ate and he always took extra special care of her. Oh well he has a girlfriend anyway. “You should probably get going before she gets to upset.” Nabi looked down at the remaining quarter of ice cream. “I’m almost done anyway.” “The movie doesn’t start for another hour so I’m fine. I already bought the tickets yesterday.” She was quite shocked to hear him say that normally he was so eager to spend every second with that woman. Her thoughts were cut off as he moved her legs so they are laying over his lap instead of tucked against her. “Anyways you’re really good company even if you aren’t saying anything.” Something clearly was wrong in paradise. If nothing else gave it away Jimin’s hand just above her knee did.
Suga is a part of the story but I'll do the rest @ILikeHisFace123
Jin, Namjoon, Suga, and Taehyung. Please. If it's not too much trouble.
okay I'll put it on my to do list. jin too? any others? @ILikeHisFace123
@SugaOnTop yes please.
it's a whole story. That was just a blip its the whole Lovely Nabi series. Do you want an ofshot story based on this? @ILikeHisFace123
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