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ok this is in the same day as the first but i'm late as hell so im do a couple or something

Q: Who is your bias?

Any one that knows me knows that I'm forever in love with the cutest teddy bear that's VIXX's Ravi.
I've never had any other biases either. I've loved this kid from day 1. First five seconds into watching the Super Hero music video I decided he was my fave.
Now at first I thought it'd change as I watched their shows and got to know them more.
Nope this squishy muffin just kept giving me more reasons to adore him.
I just adore his drive, his passion, his talent, his ability to adapt and willingness to try appeal to wider audiences. He's come so far and remains true to his goals and dreams despite everything he's gone through to get to where he is now.
As a fan of his for so long now I've seen how the fandom can treat him sometimes and I'm sure he's seen it. The one people push aside, the one that people overlook. Even fandom song favourites are usually ones Ravi's done and people still don't acknowledge him for it. He keeps going though, he keeps working hard; staying up all night working on music and lyrics, lying to his parents about it and having to sleep in his studio.
Let's not forget his love for his family. He loves his sister so much and I'll never forget how he wanted to be a bodyguard for her before he decided to become a singer. He seems like such an amazing older brother and son. I'm sure his parents are proud to have such an amazing person like him.
A big thing I've seen change over time for Ravi is his fanservice. Back during on & on I saw a video of Hakyeon having to physically turn Ravi around so he'd wave to fans. And how he was too shy to hold fanss hands at fan signs but now look at him! He's so comfortable interacting with fans now he can even hold their hands. It's the most adorable thing and I haven't stopped gushing about it since I first saw it.
And of course, wink fairy 2.0
Or that he's pretty forgetful. During Eternity he forgot to sign someone's album and Hyuk was a total babe about it, casually getting down to collect the fan's album for Ravi to sign.
This video combines several things I wanted to cover. His dancing, sleeping and his laugh.
Ravi's an amazing dancer, his movements are so fluid and precise. And if you haven't watched any Eternity stage then you haven't lived; he was Born to do those body rolls.
I love that he falls asleep just about anywhere and that he snores! I know it's weird... but it's so cute... I also really like that he clings to the other members when he's sleeping ;_;.
His laugh is incredible. He laughs with his entire body and so loudly I find myself laughing along with him. It's infectious and an endearing part of him.
Also he can rock any hair colour. At one point or another he's had every colour of the rainbow (some for shorter periods of time though...). I can't wait for him to have pink or multi-coloured hair. I do wish he'd take better care of his hair... lots of deep conditioning treatments... though I did really love his hair in Error.
He's just the cutest ;_; with his cute small mouth, his adorable nose, his droopy eyes and poorly done earrings that I feel bad for him about, his cute tummy :(
I have nothing else to add to this part.
Ravi is incredible at composing and writing lyrics. I'll never be over how he tied Error into his My Light rap.
껄렁껄렁, Secret Night, What U Waiting For, Memory & Ghost are fantastic songs.
I also love that he's written all his own raps since debut. I'm not sure if I love that more or that Jellyfish is amazing enough to let him have that artistic freedom.
I adore his relationship with each member and how he cares for them. How he helps Hakyeon where he can, not enough to come off as trying to steal his spot as leader but enough where it's evident he doesn't want Hakyeon to bare all of the burden. How he let's Leo talk and doesn't pressure him into things he doesn't want to do. How he melts into a puddle over how cute Ken is. His close friendship with Hongbin who he confides in and relates to the most since they're the same age. How he knows where Hyuk shines the most in songs and makes sure to give him the right lines. And of course, the aforementioned Memory.
I think I should stop before I keep going on about how much I adore this cute sock loving, t-shirt cutting expert, the most boyfriend, adorable, squishy pastry ;_;. I'm so proud to be his fan.
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slayed me. you slayed me. all aboard the ravi train!!!!