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[subject is distraught]
I just, I just watched this guy I really looked up to burn his own books for 2 minutes. I mean, like there were his own books he made. He had this Kickstarter campaign and it ended up doing really well but something happened -- I'm not really sure. But it's like he unraveled at the seams, you know?
I think it happened a couple of months ago, yeah.
I'm not sure if it makes me feel any certain way but I know for a fact that it made me think about art, the artist, and their relation to... fame or fortune? I don't know.
He said something like, he's protesting the values people use to determine the way they are in the world, or something [clipped direct quote onto report]. And that made me think, you know? I mean, I don't necessarily agree with burning your own art or anything destructive like that. But like, is it obvious that making all that Kickstarter money so fast kind of messed with him? Maybe, probably.
And yeah, you know, I consider myself an artist, too. And like, of course I want some kind of fame and notoriety for what I do but, like, at what cost? Will people knowing my name, or knowing who I am, fuck with me so much I'll burn it all down?
Or more importantly, will people throwing money at me for my art really be equivalent to people caring about what I'm producing? Sure, money would be great but I have a job and I have a place and I have friends to spend money with, or on, do I really need any more?
I don't really think I've felt real pressure but I think if you were to, like, put money into the equation, that pressure would become more real and more intense than it ever was. Yeah, I put pressure on myself to finish pieces, to make deadlines, and to make sure I'm producing the best possible piece of art that I can. But how will that feel if there are people depending on me because they gave me some money?
Is the money what makes me an artist?
Or is it the art?
I don't know. Do you?
[end of interview]
[This has been an Interview with a Man About Himself/]
@paulisaverage when you really mean it and really count yourself as someone in the artistic community nothing is dumb. But I understand. You don't want to come off like a jerk but there is a daily struggle.
@TessStevens as dumb as this is about to sound, the struggle (for the artist) is very real. it seems like to get anywhere with your art some concessions have to be made. there's a lot of "sucking it up" that needs to be done. but i worry if it will even be worth it.
This is so present for me. Its a constant struggle to figure out what actually matters. And sometimes that's completely impossible.