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For the most recent Twisted Thursday Challenge, @RosePark asked us to write about our Favorite Anime Villain and I pick Ryuk from Death Note! Here are a few reasons why...
He dropped off the Death Note on Earth because he was BORED...what a troll! XD
He is OBSESSED with apples. Have you ever seen a villain run after apples? LOL
And when he doesn't get apples, he does headstands or twist himself into a pretzel. LMAO
He likes to play video games. Except Light never plays with him. A gaming villain? YESH!
There you go. My favorite anime villain. Minus the fact that he's a villain, he's actually a pretty chill shinigami. HAHAHA.
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oh Ryuk, you messed all this stuff up out of boredom. smdh.
2 years ago·Reply
Oh. Ohhh. OHHH!! OHHHHHHH!! THAT APPLE GUY DUDE THINGY THAT UNDERSTANDS ME ON GAMES!! haha, I was like oohh that guy..he's cool. *nods* Gudchoice *Kookie Smile*
2 years ago·Reply
@NerukaWong awww *hobie smile*
2 years ago·Reply
*suga's smile* @poojas
2 years ago·Reply
Oh ryuk I love him lol
2 years ago·Reply