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Mmm, Sofrito!
Sofrito is definitely one of the greatest things on this planet. Who knew that blending a bunch of vegetables can make an amazing, perfect thing. And you can put it in everything -- there are no rules for sofrito.
Cook it with eggs, rice, beans, soup, steaks, chicken, EVERYTHINNNNGGGG!!
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@alywoah I'll look for it :D
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I almost lost my mind, when my mom said that cilantro was going to be pulled of the market, because the FDA found bacteria in it. Without the main ingredient, cilantro, there's no Sofrito. But it's back in the market and I can cook again, lol. WEEEPPPAAA!!!! Lol
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Whaaaaaat I didn't heat about that? Well good thing that it's back! @karencorchado. I really need to make some sofrito. The last time I made my own was a few months back.
2 years ago·Reply
Sofrito,sazon and adobo best ingredients to hit the planet. Dont forget the mojo..-NY Black-Rican @ heart
2 years ago·Reply
YES all of those are amazing! Those 3 things are pretty much all I use when I cook (including cayenne pepper when I want it hot!) @LarryOfField
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