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Sofrito is definitely one of the greatest things on this planet. Who knew that blending a bunch of vegetables can make an amazing, perfect thing. And you can put it in everything -- there are no rules for sofrito.
Cook it with eggs, rice, beans, soup, steaks, chicken, EVERYTHINNNNGGGG!!
Sofrito,sazon and adobo best ingredients to hit the planet. Dont forget the mojo..-NY Black-Rican @ heart
Ahhh you're missing out! It's magical!!!! @buddyesd
YES all of those are amazing! Those 3 things are pretty much all I use when I cook (including cayenne pepper when I want it hot!) @LarryOfField
Whaaaaaat I didn't heat about that? Well good thing that it's back! @karencorchado. I really need to make some sofrito. The last time I made my own was a few months back.
Yeah, it's pretty easy to make. It's used a base ingredient. It's basically certain vegetables blended together. I know I've posted a recipe for it on Vingle awhile back.
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