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HBO’s Game of Thrones took home the best drama series award at last night's Emmy awards. HBO’s Veep also claimed best comedy series. Game of Thrones collected 12 awards from its 24 nominations, the most any series has won in a single year. HBO
HBO, which won a total of 43 Emmys, more than any other network.
But what does this mean for the future of television? Let’s just say the online platform is streaming to be seen. More people are enjoying TV shows online, and the quality of these shows is only getting better and better.
It’s no wonder that Andy Samberg wanted to share his HBO account with the world. And it worked--- for like a minute.
Add Sesame Street to the HBO mix, and I do not need convincing to get an account after the Emmy’s. All aboard the HBO express...
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I also think HBO has a bigger budget so they can get away with doing more and bigger sets and costumes. But other places might spend more time one writing, etc. I’ve never heard of those shows @marshalledgar. what network are they on?
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hbo. enlightened won a few emmys. starring Laura Dern.
2 years ago·Reply
I’ll definitely have to check it out @marshalledgar!
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if you like sardonic humor and dark comedies, and awkward situations, you'll love these two shows. smart writing. incredible characters. @nicolejb
2 years ago·Reply
I’m the queen of awkward situations @marshalledgar. haha not really, but I do love dark humor. :)
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