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Child Actress Park Min Ha Leaves "Queen of Ambition" & Shares Her Leaving Remarks
SPOILER ALERT: There is some "spoilerish"info below! Child actress Park Min Ha said some statements about leaving "Queen of Ambition." Park Min Ha wrote on her Twitter on January 4th, "it was difficult, but I also had fun. Aunt Soo Ae! Uncle Kwon Sang Woo! I was happy that I could be with you~ fighting Queen of Ambition!" Park Min Ha also posted up pictures she took with Kwon Sang Woo and Soo Ae. In the 7th episode of SBS "Queen of Ambition," Ha Eun Byul(Park Min Ha) passed away during a car accident, caused by Joo Da Hae(Soo Ae)'s inattentive driving. Netizens commented, "I'm sad that she won't be appearing anymore," "I saw Queen of Ambition because of her," "her death in the drama was so sad."
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Yes I love Park Min Ha very much too ! She was also good in The Indomitable daughters in law. Hope to see more of her soon...