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Where's El Chapo Now!?

More than two months ago, El Chapo, a drug lord from Mexico escaped from a maximum security prison (again). This time, it was through an elaborate mile-long tunnel.
On Friday, September 18, 2015 -- 13 more people who were in connection with the prison escape of El Chapo, have been detained. All the names of these individuals have not been released.
However according to Mirror, two top jail chiefs are thought to be among the 13 people arrested. The two jail chiefs are Valentin Cardenas, the former director of the Altiplano prison in central Mexico, and Celina Oseguera, former director of Mexico's federal prisons.
There are currently 20 people being held over the jailbreak.
As for El Chapo, he's harder to find than Waldo from 'Where's Waldo.'
My goodness! they still haven’t caught this guy? He must really have a lot of protection or connections
He has both. I think people are just really scared of him... I feel like even if he was spotted by locals or even local authorities, they might not want to do anything :/
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