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I literally cannot tell you why I made this video other than the fact that this song and this video are the business and they deserve each other.


and if you have mashups you want to see just message me or leave it in the comments!
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I like it a lot! It fits the music video well └(^O^)┘
2 years ago·Reply
@LeJujuBean lol I wonder if the reverse is true... ?
2 years ago·Reply
Why did I get goosebumps? lol this was so great. If there's a person who doesn't know evanescence or Vixx they'll probably think this is the actual music video to the song
2 years ago·Reply
Lmao! I love this! It does fit perfectly! If I think of any mashups I'll let you know.
2 years ago·Reply
I can totally see Amy's ((She's the lead Singer for Evanescence, for those who might not have known)) voice matching N's for some reason. This is beautiful, and it matches perfectly!!
2 years ago·Reply