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@nephew Yesi agree! There are some words that are very similar! I have that app too but I don't think Kean was one of the options to learn. Well I want to focus on Korean but I'm also learning Japanese because of anime lol. And I know a few things but I'm going to take an actual Japanese class next semester's.. Hopefully. Yeah I try I've memorized done already. It is a good way to start then maybe later on you can move on to really breaking it down. That is true that's why I got an app that lets you talk to native speakers of whatever you're trying to learn. It's called HelloTalk. 馃榿 oh definitely thank you 馃槉
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@Lizzeh haha anime. i really don't prefer to watch those. i like simpson tho. is anime that worth to learn japanese? anyway, where do you live? Does 'HelloTalk' provide speaking? i want to know how it works if it is possible. are you using that app?
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@nephew yeah lol I recently finished bleach lol. Ah yeah I used to watch that a lot but then I stopped. I've learned a few things. In Illinois, Chicago. Yeah you can do voice messages 馃槉 what would you like to know? Yeah I am but I haven't been using it recently.
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@Lizzeh you know, that app is wether it is like voice mail or calling. i used to live in west hollywood, ca. oh chicago! it makes me curious how chicago looks like and how people live there haha. i watched tv show called 'shameless'. it is chicago right? and what is bleach?
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@nephew I think it's just like voice recordings. Oh cool. How was it? 馃榿 yeah Chicago lol. It does? Lmao. Ohh I'm not sure I haven't heard of it o_O. It's an anime lol.
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