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More headcanons! These are for everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool.
1. Sometimes he goes commando in the suit. It's fantastic.
2. He has a crush on EVERYONE.
3. There's nothing better than a hot toddy after a long day of losing and regrowing limbs.
4. His apartment is covered in Spider-Man swag.
5. You know he reads the fanfiction people write about him. It's basically canon.
6. He has an iPod full of pop music. Ke$ha is a favorite.
7. There is a chimichanga truck permanently parked outside his apartment. He's great for business.
8. His favorite shoes are bunny slippers.
9. All of his grenades have names. The bullets are starting to feel left out.
10. He knows he's a comic book character, and he'd be really happy if Wonder Woman could show up and rescue him some day.
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basically Deadpool summed up
@BabyCakes00 I totally agree. Avocado face and all! @SierraWilson16 lol I dunno I only mentioned chimichangas once...
This has so much yes in it.