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Who would it be?

I'm talking, you have infinite money, time, skills, and energy. You can dress up as any character you want. Who would you pick?
(Photo from NYCC 2011).

I would choose... HELLCAT!

After I heard that Kate Leth would be working on the new Hellcat comics I got really excited! She's one of my favorite people, so I'm really intrigued by the character right now, and her costume would be really difficult to do well.
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Cosplay as Claire Red field ^,^
@Shannonl5 cause well damn that would be awesome
If it was possible, I would dress up as Yuna or Paine from FFX-2 in their final dress spheres. How cool would it be to be a giant floating flower, or a bunch of knives?
Madara Uchiha
@ChrisShaw1308 ooooh yeah that would be awesome!