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"Captain's orders."

There's something really beautiful about this moment. Steve Rogers has just given his speech, asking people to stand with him as he takes down Hydra. And of course, we know that Sharon Carter is going to stand with him, and Brock Rumlow is going to oppose him. They could have set up Agent 13 without this moment of dialogue, but they chose to include it. Someone totally ordinary decides to take a stand, and his choice makes all the difference.

He doesn't have a name, he doesn't have a larger role to play in the film.

He's just a guy. And even with a gun to his head, he makes a heroic decision. He's not going to launch the helicarriers. He's not fearless, you can see him flinching. But he's not giving in. Because the freedom that Captain America was taking about is worth the price. Steve isn't alone in this moment. And this guy, this unsung hero of the film is there to prove it. To show us that it's not just super-soldiers that have the responsibility to stand up for what's right. It's all of us.

Turns out, he has a name.

He was unremarkable in Winter Soldier (credited as Launch Tech #1), but he reappeared in Age of Ultron. His name is Cameron Klein. In the comics, he's the grandson of Stanley Klein, a United States Armed Forces private who was rescued by Captain America and the Howling Commandos during World War II.

Here's to you Cameron Klein.

You're a regular dude. You don't have a costume or a secret identity. You're not a trained martial artist. You're the dude who works at a computer terminal. And you are a hero. You made a brave choice when other people would have been afraid. Thank you for reminding us what it means to be heroic and brave.
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this is actually really dope. I'd basically forgotten about this moment in the film, but now I recognize the real impact of someone like Klein taking the necessary stand against evil.