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I've been busy, sorry about that. So I'll do these in bunches.
Day 16: First VIXX Song
Well, as you know from my first cards, my first VIXX song was Voodoo Doll. It's thanks to Ken actually, that I ended up listening to more of their music after the creepy, psycho song. Lol. That's part of the reason why Ken is my ultimate bias in the group.
Day 17: First impression of each member?
Well, my first impression was from Voodoo Doll, so I'll give you that.
N - Good dancer, sang well, dramatic
Ravi - Rapper, very intense, very serious, thinks he's badass
Leo - Lead Singer
Hongbin - Crazy, cool eye, good-looking, creepy
Hyuk - Literally NO impression at all. I didn't even really realize that he was there until I saw more music videos of the group.
Ken - He sang high notes and was a good singer
And those were all of my first impressions of the guys. :)
Day 18: Which reality TV show is your fave?
Well, I've only seen one, so VIXX TV it is. Lol.
Day 19: Have I seen them live?
No, but I'd kill to. I really, really, REALLY want to.
Thanks for reading, sorry it's not more exciting, I'll do 20-21 later today after I get off of work in 12 hours. Ciao!
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I hope you get the chance to see them live sometime <3 <3 I loveVIXX TV too!!!