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It's my favorite time of preparing a cosplay....time to choose which cosplay lenses to get!!

Want to help me pick?

(please, help, I'm terrible at making decisions!!!)

These are Nozomi's eyes, which I need to match in color!

I usually order from Pinky Paradise, so I'll list the three different pair I've picked out as options! My eyes are already fairly big, so I don't want a huge diameter, and they're a green/hazel color so needing extra saturation shouldn't be a big problem.

#1: Venus Eye Aqua

While Nozomi's eyes are definitely green, they have a teal hint to them that makes me think a straight green contact won't be the one for me! These were an option. I'm worried they look too blue, though. But they are my favorites of these options!

#2: Geo Berry Holic Aqua

Since I was worried about the ones above being too blue, I looked for one that's an aqua but a bit more of a green aqua. I found these!

#3: Vassen Bright Color 3 Tone Green

These look way too green, but I love the saturation! Including them as a backup :)

#4: Gothic 3 Tone Turquoise

Ok! That's it! I'm not sure if any of these are perfect, but I'm leaning towards either #1 or #2!
Which do you like??
#2 ego berry look the best in my opinion! I'm sure you'll look amazing! Post end product pictures? :)
@KimmyKitsune for sure!!! I probably wont order them for a bit but when I do I'll share:)
@VinMcCarthy Thanks, yo. Those are some of my favs too so I think I agree!
Geo berry Holic, yo.