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Attention, Harry Potter fans! Berkeley researchers announced this week that they've invented a 3D cloak made from a thin layer of gold blocks that can make an irregularly shaped object invisible to the naked eye.

Or, as you might know it better as, an invisibility cloak.
Right now, the cloak can only cover about 1,300 square microns of an object. However, these scientists believe that over the next five years, they should be able to scale the 'cloaking' technique to cover a range of sizes. Maybe something even Hagrid size!
Penn State University electrical engineering professor Xingjie Ni, the lead researcher in the study, sees many different uses for this technology in our everyday lives - and it has a lot less to do with helping a young wizard spy on his enemies.
Some ideas he proposed involve protecting military, using the cloak to shield vehicles, aircraft, and personnel from view. However, others might be a bit more unconventional.

"A face mask would mean all the pimples and wrinkles will no longer be visible," while a stomach-flattener "can be made to hide one's belly."

What would you guys make invisible with this new technology?

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