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One of the reasons I've hesitated re-doing any of my Final Fantasy cosplays is because I feel like they're most effective in groups! Most of my cosplays that I've really enjoyed doing were those I did with friends like @starberry, @alexpinku and @Angelipon. And while I know Jenni and Pinku want to do Final Fantasy, we all want to cosplay different games!
If I'm going to cosplay Tifa, do I need to find myself at least a Cloud, an Aerith or a Yuffie?

To group or not to group, that is the question!

(help me find the answer!!!)
Haha I'm not sure! I've only gone solo when I've been cosplaying at a costume party or something. Groups are a lot of fun because people want to take your picture!
I think that with characters who are so recognizable as Tifa (or any of the FF7 crowd) you'll be okay. If it's a more obscure fandom, you might want the group.
@shannonl5 @VinMcCarthy Thanks for the opinions guys!! I don't mind solo yolo'ing but its good to know it would be cool either wayyy
WOW this is to much AWESOMNESS in one picture hahah I love this :D :) and not only that I love that they are all on point!! :) beautiful!!!