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You learn something new every single day.

Who knew the shape of your lipstick had meaning? Well, turns out it does. We wear it pretty much every day and never really take the time to examine the shape or structure, but it holds so much meaning -- or so they say. Whether your lipstick point is flat, curved or pointy -- there is a meaning that correlates specifically to your personality.
Don't worry, it is probably just some random analysis someone made up over time, but I know you're dying to know what it means regardless. I'll admit, so am I. Although, all of my lipsticks stay the same. Keep scrolling to find out the correlation between your personality and shape of your lipstick.

Sharp Diagonal Tip

Your chest is high and you love to spend money, but who doesn't? You deserve it and you know it. Your opinions are strong and your confidence is even stronger.

Flat Top Concave

You're adventurous and extremely friendly. You're always up for a challenge and taking the world by storm is something that you aim to do. Not too many understand, but you don't mind being a little misunderstood.

Sharp Curved Top

You're a creative soul who loves hard. You're always there to lend a helping hand or advice when need be to a friend or stranger. You have a lot of energy and don't mind spreading the wealth. The more the merrier. You see the good in all things and not everyone is capable of doing that.

Sharp Angles On Both Sides

You love attention and learning new things. Ambitious is your middle name. You have specific beliefs that you pride yourself in and you're a naturally curious person. You have somewhat of a big ego, but you don't let that get in the way of your drive and love for life.

Just remember, you can be whoever you want to be.

Your lipstick doesn't define you, but a defined lip equals perfection.
lol none of us do!! @esha
@jordanhamilton *fist bump* We're just amazing like that. ^.^
that is the same one I got it & it was spot on! lol kinda creepy @ButterflyBlu
Interesting. Mine is accurate. So is my mom's and bffs'. Weird... (Mine was sharp curved top.)
basicallllly! :D *fist bump* @ButterflyBlu